Oil painting from copying to creative plant main individuality creative work

Oil painting from copying to creative plant main individuality creative work

A few more days, and for a building of dafen low-rent housing building will officially open to the public. This is shenzhen longgang district oil painting government to ease the “Chinese oil painting” the plant, rents the latest measures. “So we decide if you want to keep the 5000 painters.” Dafen management office safety said. In recent 20 years, dafen painting gradually by the cognitive, nearly 40% of the global commodities paintings are from this small village.
A batch of individuality creative work
Reporter in dafen village went a circle, but rarely custom oil painting see the shadow of world famous paintings.
Dafen’s main industry is customized orders, bulk copy canvas. In dafen painting before products, often can see a large number of replication of world famous products, such as bulk copy the Mona Lisa painting world. “The simple copy and copy the world famous paintings, has less and less in dafen village.” Dafen art association Lin Zhenglu said.
Shenzhen dafen art industry association secretary order oil painting¬†general Huang Guangcai said: “are you feeling today reached an adjustment phase, dafen is primarily a copy before the world famous paintings, now everybody to use creativity to cater to the market, actually original foreign demand more goods picture, dafen in this cheap oil painting piece of the development of the power is enough.”
There are more than 700 galleries dafen
In 1989, the founder of dafen hwang river with 24 painters to dafen opened its first factory, “was mainly considered here rent is cheap, and easy to hiring near Hong Kong.”
Dafen since then has the contact wholesale oil painting with oil paintings. A large number of painting and the sale of people gathered in small dafen. At present, dafen has a total of more than 700 gallery, there are more than 5000 painters live here all the year round. Ordinary painters dafen is divided into two kinds, one kind is in the company of a fixed work, have a fixed salary.



And there’s a free painters, they do not belong to any company, main is to rely on orders to paint for a living.
The painter innovation drive industry
The income of dafen painters also affected by the international market demand changes.
In addition to ordinary painters, there are about 200 original painter in dafen village. A growing number of dafen original painters understand a survival rule: should walk on two legs, first according to the needs of the market, people like painting, after solved the food and clothing problem, to create their own personalized again. In August, a graduated from tsinghua university fine arts painter in dafen village were sold 4 paintings, the total price is close to 400000 yuan. Huang Guangcai said: “the painter’s original innovation ability is very strong, for the whole industry plays a good role in promoting.”
Plans to build a cultural industrial park
Dafen brand support the high rent, but if the high rent out the painters, here can also affect the development of dafen. Last year, already has moved to nonlocal art dealer.
Safety, says dafen about 200 rental house is villagers’ private property. The villagers to raise the rent, the government does not direct intervention. The government invested 100 million yuan to build low-cost housing, it is to tame the rent price, keep the precious human resources of dafen.
In order to support oil painting industry, local government has invested 100 million yuan to build a gallery, at the same time implement duty-free exports to the dafen oil painting. In addition, as the most important window of foreign enterprises in the Canton fair, the government guarantee every year can get 10 booths.
People said the government also plans to build a cultural industrial park, all the painting industry chain enterprises are concentrated. The government also supports large oil painting’s listed companies

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