Shanghai art market’s happiness and sorrow:modern oil painting bubble

Shanghai art market’s happiness and sorrow:modern oil painting bubble

Shanghai spring art auction has ended for some time, occasionally hear the comment and analysis of the insiders. We can see the Shanghai art industry’s happiness and sorrow.
Do the “big” ambition
From the perspective of the clinch a deal the performance of companies release, worship of the source and industrial union is to become a “dark horse”, which has shot to the top on Shanghai, reached 200 million yuan, shows the truth custom oil painting of unity is strength. In recent years, Shanghai art the auctioning industry present “fragmented” shape, lack of lofty ambitions, the immediate benefits. In the art market booming, no condition of drilling hard to auction, trying to share; Conditional without 56-point thrashing, bigger and stronger. Instead, the widening gap between the city with the auction company even just set up soon in hangzhou and thus the xileng printing society auction. Source custom portrait painting and industrial cooperation, it should be said that Shanghai art auction the personage inside course of study the results of the review of its own reason. Look from the spring, it has established various special art category is complete, the squad is considerable, evident hope to do big ambitions. But this kind of temporary cooperation can last long, the cheap oil painting situation will be how to develop, is remarkable.
Calligraphy and painting out of the trough
Some senior art auction market, investors and collectors are very concerned about Shanghai think Shanghai art auction record less moisture, to truly grasp the art market dynamic is valuable. What art also sold well in Shanghai, that is really nice. DuoYunXuan Chinese painting and calligraphy auction still sit Shanghai top. The spring coincides with its 15th anniversary, performance is the best replacement of over $170 million. Singapore’s big collector Yang Qilin sleeve sea floor special collection is a major bright spot. 26 excellent work only a auction, for 12.8 million yuan. Xu beihong clinch a deal the doors of figure is in 3.248 million yuan. 97 Shanghai past

dynasties painting and calligraphy works, painting and calligraphy press DuoYunXuan had hidden the sell-through rate of 84%. As a fan auction 85% clinch a deal. We can find that, the ancient calligraphy and painting market rising, contemporary painting quality is stable, the calligraphy and painting market bottomed out.
“Contemporary” is tired
But the auction also show that Shanghai overhyped contemporary oil painting faces bubble unsustainable situation. Some courty oil painting, a large number of items in only floor price dropping the hammer (whether or not clinch a deal is unknown). Art market, according to senior analyst liu too is that, from the point of the spring auction of contemporary art, in addition to the two Hong Kong international auction company has strong buying outside support, some small and medium-sized mainland clinch a deal the auction company has exhausted phase, main collection has been unable to take into account, to conduct a comprehensive support. He worries that this weakness if spread to fall two international auction company in Hong Kong, buying weaker, the so-called market today requires to continue to “bubble bubble”, “to the foam to maintain the” works, is likely to be quickly reversed, the bubble fears that will really happen.
Small miscellaneous have space
A long lived in Shanghai, Taiwan, collectors say now millions of yuan a piece of Chinese painting, oil painting, but for millions of yuan to buy a piece of jade or miscellaneous pieces of top that is pretty. This field should have considerable space. But Shanghai do well on the antique miscellaneous auction auction house is lacking. Only worship source, jing hua, jia tai, the film has the special business for a long time. Due to the limitation of cultural policy, the domestic porcelain, bronzes, etc on the vintage antique auction are harder to have the big development, but might as well from a few special project. Such as the use of its advantages of xileng printing society, organized the auction, seals, inkstone is very hot. Four supplies, furniture, crafts, celebrity items, the treasure jade stone, to admire the stone, and other fields should be “, is the key to the auction house to expand the field of new auction.
Many professionals pointed out that Shanghai has a lot of art collector base, with considerable strength and great works of art investment potential crowd, Shanghai art should to spring the auctioning industry as a new starting point, trying to fall more

will think that this picture is so bad that oil painting be sells a lot of money, damage to the reputation of the author


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