national cultural innovation research center of fudan university and jiangsu good Oriental group hosted the first

On December 22, 2016, fudan university campus, the head oil painting of eight famous gallery in Shanghai, is preparing to attend the national cultural innovation research center of fudan university and jiangsu good Oriental group hosted the first “good innovation Oriental culture salon”, the plan since poured a pot of cold water, calm calm.
In the past the near 2016 (20th) Shanghai art fair, each all harvest quite abundant around the world. Ye Zhenmin large sculpture “dream” by several institutions to buy; Wei card cut degree art space 3 artists too, Chen Jiang, saying the 50 pieces of collected by buyer; Shanghai grand theatre gallery agent American artist Richard MacDonald’s 10 small sculptures have been a collector bought all… According to official data released, the volume of nearly 150 million yuan, Beijing international art oil painting reproductions exposition about 8 million yuan more than last year, to an all-time high.
Discussion, but the ongoing salon galleries of operator’s attitude toward the situation was “cautiously optimistic” – they think, are too “boom” of art market.
At the exhibition, some directly touch the painting, some torn
Shanghai Wu Fang said Washington art space art director, always can have surprising at the exhibition. She had seen a well-dressed art buyers, when choosing art, to fit the touch works directly. “There are so many people, is the result of what? The national art education is not enough”.
AnLiDa art space, managing Shao Jie had worse. Last year, Shao Jie posters, the introduction of France’s top art exhibition, in the process of some posters were to come to the exhibition audience to torn. “That’s very top posters!” Shao Jie couldn’t help increased tone.
Although the improvement of art accomplishment also will take time, but China’s art market has occupied important position in the world.
According to the latest “TEFAF2016 global art custom oil painting market report shows that China’s art market is located in the global top three, in the first two are the United States and Britain. The art market in China, and won’t be ignored is the world’s power.
In fact, the personage inside course of study thinks, like water in a large exhibition of “local tyrants,” is not a gallery focus on long-term customers. Really regularly to gallery of consumption, it is those young people who have a steady income of the middle class – have a background returnees entrepreneurial youth, surgeon, dentist, lawyer, and so on.
The health environment, art lovers became the “investors”
Can have a group of stable middle class consumers, is considered to be a gallery of the best state, and should be, the art market is the most healthy state. In China, the art market is still in “sub-health state” – volume, still can be but dangerous.
Shanghai culture development co., LTD., chairman of Fahrenheit HuaYu boat believes that China’s art market is now, “a group of professional and non-professional mixed, suddenly a group have a little bit of little success and wealth, a very unhealthy”.
HuaYu boat, said his more than 20 years ago has just began to do art gallery, to buy a painting of the National People’s Congress custom oil portrait for more like, from begin to slowly with a work of art. But now, some of the funds, equity, investors into cultural industry growing, was small, give priority to in order to appreciate the collection work of art was made into the art market.
In the past, the gallery will usually describe when to sell, this work how important to you, in front of your house somewhere how have emotional appeal… Now, the sales will tell the buyer directly, how much is this work will add value, after the artist’s work is expensive.
“To those who came in on the market, gets away. He will come again?” HuaYu boat said, the Chinese art market is by the wave after wave of “value-added” fool to bad.
, says Cheng Bohan opera gallery, deputy general manager of hierarchical culture art market is obvious. The first layer is a cultural enthusiasts and consumers; The second layer is collectors and investors.
Change occurred in 2007 ~ 2008 years after entering high leverage. “After to buy paintings are mostly art lovers”, the capital, leverage after intervention, the art market from the normal track, in 2011, the market fully formed fault.
Shanghai art fair this year looks volume is very big, but Cheng Bohan think shopping is just part of the first level of cultural enthusiasts and consumers, “they need $50000 to $50000, to his family environment change, art taste. But the real collectors, investors, already not to such a platform, the heat of the high level of amateur no form”.
“After the hype from 2007 to 2008, a few class rise step by step, the steps of the widening, injured people not to enter the market, look very hot, no real output.” Cheng Bohan truth.
How many clinch a deal in China? Some gallery initiative choice “marginalized”
Higher taxes, also become the healthy development of the art market a big.
HuaYu boat is introduced, the Singapore government as early as 10 years ago for the art trade have ordered a country tax planning, art trading in Singapore, no tax. Purpose is to put the art trading by westerners want to move to Singapore to complete. In addition, the art trade tax of some developed countries is relatively low.
In Shanghai, on December 21, 2016, in Shanghai on the poly auction house for the first time a major western art auction meeting. HuaYu boat to participate in the auction, he introduced, “although these works in Shanghai clinch a deal, but not trading in Shanghai”.
According to our domestic tax rate, 5 million yuan to buy a French work is going to be a commission, customs tariffs by 6%, 15% and 6% increase of VAT, etc… Digital staggering, galleries and resellers is difficult.
Gallery if buy foreign works, plus 23% tax; Purchase of domestic work, sell to go abroad, to pay high storage costs in Hong Kong or New York, and the work in the future can not display or sales in China. “Such a policy on the one hand, hampered the global good art into China, on the other hand also influenced Chinese cultural products output.” HuaYu boat said.
The art market and healthy environment, makes some gallery operators initiative “marginalized” to “safe haven”.
Back to the true culture art development co., LTD., chairman of Shanghai yong-kang zhang is doing just that. In recent years, the company has been divided into “two pieces of business.” A business is to put the art to the market to do high-end decorative, such as to the Shanghai five-star hotels, high-end clubs do art decoration; Another piece of business is directly to cultivate young artists, buy the work of young artists.
, he thought, and to participate in the competition is fierce and the risk of the art market, it is better to go to cultivate young people, “the market at present, there are difficult to deal with famous artists, not famous artists are not look good. The last is between gallery, institutions themselves to play, and play money, means nothing.
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