Superior natural and cultural MaiMaiDi YiYiDi life in oil painting in heaven

Superior natural and cultural MaiMaiDi YiYiDi life in oil painting in heaven

Give birth to MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi oil painting in oil painting in heaven; Make MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi painting world built on oil painting in heaven.
2005, MaiMaiDi YiYiDi in Paris, France international art city cultural exchange of 90 days, went to Paris to more than 20 art gallery and museum, he went to the Louvre seven and nine times to orsay museum, five times to the pompidou center of modern art. He spent more than 20 days tour after the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and other countries, in the tradition of western art and (fauvism, expressionist, cubism, surrealism, custom portrait painting futuristic, collage, etc.) “before the complexity of the ideological trend of modern art, he watches spirit spirit’s bottom line, and to watch the bottom line of art, make oneself of the work is not cut off contact with life, don’t cut off contact with people, don’t cut off contact with the world; between the brush strokes, color, shape, flavor, faint of the consistency of the human spirit runs through, variability and diversity, to reveal the rich content of the theme of life.”
MaiMaiDi YiYiDi think: “focus on life, love life cat portrait and feel the life is the fountain of realism oil painting. With the thoughts and feelings, can be reflected in higher aesthetic orientation in the work.” So, by his paintings of ontology (theory), and will be personally experienced by all kinds of life experience and pet portrait painting art made public declaration, his paintings to convey the messages of the culture of life, is far better than the general description of country custom picture of credibility: his native is life is life, culture and art; Is his persistence method (theory), is the join of modernity and explore.
Domestic oil painting art the overall status of xinjiang, is the accumulated enough opportunities and then

raise the original expansion and eruption. Xinjiang is correct MaiMaiDi YiYiDi painting method (theory), and he used the method of (on) the guarantee of realization of modernity.
MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi with the motivation and effect of xinjiang local painter, began to import “fully protect the basic cultural rights and interests of the masses of all nationalities and tried to active cultural life at the grass-roots level, explore the mechanism of government purchase of public cultural services implement cultural huimin, promote the business of multi-ethnic socialist literature and art in xinjiang big development prosperity” mainstream culture by the government, and with high appreciation level of social planners, to develop regional culture with rich color. This is a two-way street, painter in actively cooperate with the mainstream will produce another active at the same time. It is the active constitutes the motive force of the painter. Local culture is firstly rulers and cooperate together to complete the mission, is political history, and then gradually deduce for cultural history; Loss of time, can objectively filtering of political factors, people factors, and other miscellaneous element, highlight the potential political culture factors and potential of the people’s art. “The peasant couple” is reflected since the 16th national congress, “the construction of new countryside” period, the farmer’s satisfaction and happiness. The peasant couple is not a simple sense of the farmers, they are representatives of the special times, is TiaoDang activists in history. MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi oil painting is in the dominant culture, actively use impulsion formed its own style of painting. At the same time, the mainstream culture in the vast space, accepted his inward, not only from motive to effect, and from methodology to ontology

the bamiyan Buddha grottoes and oil painting nearby, the restoration is oil painting expected to take ten years


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