lake district dean shannon waterside pavilion painting villa floor in the home

Most policemen along the way, through a large number of video tracking and create the unlicensed cars since early march this year, has been to guangxi GuiPing lake district, henan zhengzhou, wuhan jiangxia area and equipment, etc. Civilian police to investigate the cause and effect of the car, the class and then to zhengzhou, henan, guangxi GuiPing feed draw lines diversion, confirm the villa had occurred in these places ignition moderate cases were stolen.
Yesterday, oil painting reproductions the tool lake police xu min and the police officers, in the form of coherent identification and article invoices, claimed the stolen property.
On March 1, 8 PM, dinner teachers back in, the lake district dean shannon waterside pavilion painting villa floor in the home, found chunhui and beaten open screen window of the balcony, adjacent villa iron fence to pry into the 3 root, counting the invention, he in the bedroom drawer price 30000 yuan gold ornaments, jade and low smoke from are no trace. Opened his investigation in police, 11, equipment lake gold painting silver lake source long mu villa teeing off in two burglaries, pivot to crime, the two disperse property hundreds of thousands of yuan.
On April 3, the workshop created two men who had been approached by raccoon traders who traded in foreign currency. At 11:00 am on April 5, when a group of people driving again poured oil painting at that time some outposts doorway, forensic police special brigade major team captain Joseph yam guide team from three different tendencies toward suspicious cars opened his capture, in situ from then on, the one man’s package search for money $300000 of foreign currency exchange cadres. hand painted oil painting Subsequently, most rental of police rushed to two people, and ferret out $, yellow gold paintings, high-grade alcohol and tobacco, precious painting and calligraphy and other cost more than 300 ten thousand yuan to sell it in time.
Meet two cellmate prison, and came out, he still don’t accomplice onto the road of theft, picking the low-grade villa community residents, in January, with the gold, jade, watches and other property as high as more than 300 paintings yuan, filled with the rental before the fence of the stolen goods. The two have been detained by the authorities.
The investigation was further deepened by the department of criminal investigation and the special class of gold and silver lake. Program list to incorporate invention exposition, three villas theft case occurred ignition in the middle of the night to determined the oil painting morning 2 PM, oil painting reproductions and all have a unlicensed car out and now the scene.
According to the two men, the 26-year-old, who lives in the city of guihong, guangxi, has been in prison for theft, and has understood the man, yi, in his sentence. In early march, after the two men were released from prison, they used a telephone map to search for the villa area, and they were in the area of guangxi, oil painting, henan and wuhan.
Through for more than 20 days, ect more than 20000 km of investigate inside and outside, the police began to confirm the tour as a criminal group, two men, are mysteriously after each commit crime to graceland, east village to the county area, through several nights waiting for confirmation, here is two person’s point of painting feet.
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