treasures oil painting well bureau of fujian province also issued birth money

Other, kangxi TongBao has a treasures well by the fujian provincial bureau for cast kangxi dengue birthday birthday money,oil painting also belong to “condom money”. Kangxi fifty-two years (AD 1713), when the emperor kangxi to reputation 60 birthday, in addition to the Beijing bureau of state treasure springs specially forged the “flower drum”, namely so-called official ROM painting han money to tzu chi memorial, treasures well bureau of fujian province also issued “birth” money, for the ‘birthday. This kind of money on the side calligraphy and ordinary kangxi TongBao equally, but pyranose in addition to the Chinese against a “f” word, cast a more representative of the Chinese zodiac paradoxes relapsing fever. Since when is decyl snake, kangxi ridge purlin paintings and a snake, are to be treasures well bureau in this yearbook done on money is “the third” word. A year after kangxi treasures well bureau will issue dates of birthday money. Acceded to the throne in 1722, yongzheng festival departure, dates of money will stop casting, is in reality the ten. Are because money is treasures well bureau a forging during kangxi are painting a year, only limited number, and cast out of the thick cloud and unusual money after in a walk in the circulation of the deploying applications, don’t be steady hand, is more than spending, and the look and feel are created, the number has been rarely, is to appear very precious. So, you are in the qing dynasty is a seminary interval our recent generation, also inspects a painting. In those days, may be a mothballed “kangxi condom money”, so was I casually discarded.
Then I just know, really want to think of all money collection in the qing dynasty in the interval we recently will not be easy. Team not close before, said after the fire shut, since fulin, the kangxi, yongzheng and qianlong, fine paintings, daoguang and xianfeng, managment, deqing, to xuantong emperor, calculate the title ten arenga pinnata eleven 9 generations, all cast foals number money. Title if just want to collect money, is really simple, in addition to the word “one” of gate pier: buy oil painting due to the only surviving the dowager empress drive XinYou coup within 69 days, there is no smooth line is waste, and the oil painting outside the little extremely hard, its an lushan is very easy to find.
But want to collect some money, will be compared to some of the special rare coin block, for example the kangxi TongBao Luo Hanqian, qianlong TongBao xinjiang red money. The most difficult to collect, several xianfeng a parent tree. A few years ago, there was a little to collect paintings xianfeng cargo springs of Taiwan independence, xianfeng, a lot of money, mainly xianfeng when hundreds, near hundred foot pole specialist, shot several times or even one hundred times. Tide at the moment, of course, has to go, but have a lot of money by this “quiet”, when also paperback.
I am not limited in the qing dynasty COINS pillow, one side is very disdain, often receive good spring painting COINS, often is to put the attached “TongBao shunzhi” “guangxu TongBao conveniently let go.” When this kind of situation I have a nonexclusive, don’t put in eyes of black money almost manager “springs of the sea” at the beginning of all money preference of the opening.
In addition to xianfeng, still have a kind of money in the qing dynasty is the municipal government, is popular with money collection fans of oil painting, is a full back, han ji bureau of cauliflower Mosaic virus group two a timer. Qing dynasty era, back money, han ji innings, shunzhi and kangxi two thiophene, custom oil painting called the “condom” money, fountain coin fans more than can be collected as fast.
Kangxi back pence, shape, material and currency barriers has cut in oil paintings are all goods in manchu language preserved in the spring, with copper, tin, holds a bluish white, neat jedaiah, old say “know” money, its back, left for ManWenJi, right to the corresponding Chinese age, with the page number is put it into Qian Wenshi, neat, assonance, catchy: “with lam dongjiang, XuanYuan su ji chang, south river ning guang zhe, expensive one shan YunZhang paintings.
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