red wood is used for furniture painting products and sold on the annatto

In Zambia, red sandalwood can issue in the future
In China, the red wood is used for furniture products, and sold on the annatto furniture market. Zambia rosewood frequency over the years, China’s imports continued to grow, originally is the same sandalwood red sandalwood is the second species of endangered species, belong to restrict oil painting business category, and Zambia, red sandalwood is not restricted. Dye red sandalwood is mainly the original wild type in Zambia, this kind of wood most overland transport to dar es salaam, Tanzania and namibia bay port to sea, a handful of the port and port of durban, South Africa, mozambique and offshore transport, eventually to jiangsu zhangjiagang, guangdong guangzhou jiang Chinese paintings sold to Shanghai, ningbo, zhejiang province hair.
Future high-end furniture market will be the professional be partial to double, market segmentation is to determine the trend. The “youngest sample” annatto raw material will be more with less, wife of shop-owner future top annatto production tendency is to painting the annatto furniture development of preservation, auction, and ordinary mahogany, dark hardwood furniture such as precious shooting main market is the elite of the consumer.
At the same time, with increasing consumer culture level, domain before the competition of local tyrants during purchase ever go by, consumers more perceptual, painting after is businessman and cave junction, and Zambia rosewood furniture consumption group is just aimed at this kind of consumers, it will oil painting reproductions attack to Zambia rosewood furniture promote strong and the weak, the future development.
The desire to buy now, Zambia rosewood or above the red canvas acid branch. No matter from the sense of honor, wood and the price, stock down, it is far better than other orgnaization of sandalwood red sandalwood wood. In Zambia, in addition, red sandalwood, as a kind of good quality of “old face” replace endangered is planted with natural wind.
Zambia rosewood since entering the line of sight, oil painting has been the focus. Zambia rosewood is more in the market called blood wingceltis, blood may not belong to the acidity of sandalwood red sandalwood, but also belongs to the red sandalwood wood. As usual blood wingceltis is classified as rosewood, which is the common grass spend pear on the market. Because guanghua such as dyeing appears the color of blood, hence the name. First-class blood wood furniture is often compared with red sandalwood, with red sandalwood “successor”.
Zambia rosewood data policy also accord with the requirement of annatto Qin Lv bocom to wood. Is not listed clearly in the national standard of 33 PiBanEr inside, but electrodynamics and application of Zambia purple painting wood raw material workshop on the quality of most of the identity of poultry.
Recently annatto furniture market, Zambia rosewood fire up step by step, its worth between $10000 and $10000 per ton. As at the bottom of the market characteristics of the more obvious, the Chinese wood price rebound is unattainable, just now praise than painting the red sandalwood has remained in a state of absolutely determined, but the wind as the market transformation, its value rebound in the future. Then, Zambia, red sandalwood, after all, is what wood? It could develop the French curve?
What is a Zambia rosewood
Zambia rosewood its color dark red, canvas texture straight, some raw materials outline attached ox hair grain of fine texture, bright degree good, no good smell. At present domestic gunfire is not unified, agreement is the landlord of the glorious: blood wingceltis maybe dye red sandalwood. Its superior puns distribute in Tanzania, Zambia, the optimal in Zambia. Oil painting on the basis of shape classification, can be divided into Zambia rosewood blood wingceltis, wax pill blood wingceltis of ox hair grain.
Priority in the redwood two moderate rain: grass spend pear price close to half a year, subject to the file limit and faded flower pear supply, directly to detonate minibus flowers and red sandalwood, other applications often garden party a painting a poised to rise.
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