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Abroad some artist’s paintings of different styles and categories

Abroad some artist’s paintings of different styles and categories
Oil painting of the portal is divided into two broad categories. The images of the first category is the objective to give priority to the invention of the works; The second category is the one-sided mainly embodies the invention of the sex work. In the first category such as appearing after the Renaissance, baroque, Locke g classicism, college, romanticism, realism and realism, photographic realism
Oil painting of the portal is divided into two broad categories. The images of the first category is the objective to give priority to the invention of the works; The second category is the one-sided mainly embodies the invention of the sex work. In the first category such as appearing after the Renaissance, baroque, Locke g classicism, college, romanticism, realism and realism, photographic realism and impressionism is root, reproduce the natural embodiment of the artist is not the same thinking and purpose.
Baroque: baroque popular in the 17th century to the 18th century. The term “baroque” intention are not neat, twisting, absurd. In esteem movement distortion, the form of well-developed and quantity, its artistic fierce, exaggerated, dynamic, flashy, this is a feature of the baroque painting, its representative figure is Rubens.
Locke g pie: “rock,” meaning is refers to the shape of a shell, its artistic style is trival, exquisite, delicate, sweet greasy, popular in the 18th century, its representative painters more than China and Fran? Ois, Europe etc.
Classical and school: classicism aesthetic standards in respect of ancient Greece, Rome, symmetry and balanced composition, grave, light, high up on imposing manner, techniques is profound, deepen. It is also of college’s criteria. As academic founder method qi nuo said “beauty is the highest of all art policy, it is a kind of objective things in nature, composed of order, harmony, share, rules”. Its representative writers such as Raphael and Angle your.
Romantic, romantic originated in the early 19th century, France in the masterpiece is the raft of murdo Mr Ko, in writing the composition, light, color, dynamic, expression reflects the artists’ rich imagination, it broke the composition of the classical level and straight, soft and uniform light, and make the picture into a passion. It is also important elements of the romantic oil painting, pay attention to the vent of lofty sentiments and expression.
Realism, realist painting refers to the middle of the 19th century, headed by miller suggested by loyalty to the target method to reflect the normal visual image, reflect the essence of the day. Its representative works have miller “pick up ear” and so on.
Realism and photographic realism: realism as its founders courbet, in 1885, said: “as I have ever seen, according to the field to reflect my custom, the s thinking and its appearance. In a word, the purpose of art is my invention.” Photographic realism is day to onto the screen in the form of a phase plate, such as close as John. It works first made into a photo or slides, it ten times than what share of fine and expand to cloth, more exquisite, more vividly reflect the details of the target, such as every bit of face skin texture and every hairs, etc.
Impressionism: impressionism is a 19 th-century artists came out of the studio of the individual, to explore light and color of the natural world suddenly changes, breaking the traditional concept on the concept of natural color, like a tree is green, the shadow is black, it is color of the surrounding environment’s influence on the inherent color has carried on the objective. Its representative painter monet, seurat, Cezanne, renoir, etc. If the above said the school is still a painter in the faithful reproduction of natural, only to promote increased, strong harmonic carried out, the following analysis of the second broad categories, namely after impressionism, fauvism, cubism, futurism, general, surrealism, etc., they are no longer is a target for objective reality, but on the basis of the painter’s one-sided purpose to create comfortable, most of them present in the 20th century, in the future.
Impressionism impressionism: after the painter custom oil painting on self feeling, pay attention to the connotation of the layout, color comparison and things it represents artists such as van gogh and gauguin. The school had a profound influence on modern western painting.
Fauvism: beast pie with exaggerated shapes, intense color, rough lines express the connotation of the enthusiasm, Matisse is the founder of the school.
Cubism: cubist painting, the Angle of the picture is no longer a position, but to the embodiment of all things, make the object back into how much form. Its founder is a Spanish painter Picasso and braque French painter.
The future: one painter in general way, using color, line speed, strength, and combined with space.
General: general doctrine is based on lines, blocks, face, color, in general are combined without representation, its representative painters for Dutch painter del Ann.
Dada of dadaism to later, surrealism, activity carve and pop art until the postmodernism has certainly influence.
Surrealism: surrealist painting by Bergson intuitionist and the influence of Freud’s subconsciousness theory, suggested that reflect people’s subconscious and dreams. On behalf of the painter has a Spanish painter Dali, miro
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A good pair of oil painting was mapped out the artist intentions

A good pair of oil painting was mapped out the artist intentions
There are quite a few friends, like to see the oil painting, but I don’t know how to appreciate it, painting because of its realistic exquisite, or rough surface effect, often give a person with strong feelings, is now widely accepted and loved for the people of our country. Render my bucai, want to use their own, to introduce some knowledge on the subject. I give priority to with Russian landscape, traditional oil painting to you talk about how to appreciate.
(specially written for a non-professional) canvas encyclopedia
Raindrops Mr Sirkin as the forest is very realistic, mood, atmosphere and artistic conception are good? Yes, very beautiful!
Oil painting is easy to oil, linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, etc.) and paint, in linen, cardboard or wood to make a picture. Used in paint thinner for volatile oil of turpentine and dry linseed oil etc. Picture attached pigment has strong hardness, when the picture after drying, can maintain long luster. Oil painting is the main type in western painting.
Grade nine waves Ava pad [1817-1817] for 221 * 332 cm
Like a mountain of huge waves came head-on, several of the in break masts of sailors are still tenacious struggle for survival, this is all very familiar with painting of “nine level wave” of the picture.
Set in the 19th century, Russia appeared a seascape painter, his art is not only shocked the whole Russia, contemporary painters admired for Western Europe. Pushkin and composer glinka said he was describing the enthusiasm of the Marine singer. Britain’s famous seascape painter Turner works full of praise for him. Is the founder of the Russian seascapes ava pad.
Ava pad articulate night at sea, especially good at depicting the sea storm night, the endless wide sea, the sunset vapour, waves of the sea of clouds, moonlight waves in play, in the boats in the storm. The cut is the performance of the forces of nature, so as to show Russia the heroism of the people.
Partial waves as sample from a hill. The quality of the water and light effect is so good at drawing, seems to make people think it is, as it were, thrilling. This is the charm of painting!
Painting is the author of the most successful a picture, the victims of the people to fight for days at sea, at dawn, another day, the sun suddenly rises in sea level and the beauty of the light on the sea, and a larger waves are called. Huge painting wide, shows the rough waves of ugly scene, is both a fear, and incredibly romantic, like a spirits of poem. Artists on their own amazing memorize force and deep understanding on the Marine.
rainbow Ava pad for 102 * 132 cm Shipwrecks are miserable. But the painter of the author’s view is so beautiful. This is the “distance”.
Russian history’s greatest seascape painter ava pad, known as “sea passion singer”. At the age of 27, ava pad was awarded the chiefs of the Russian academy of sciences and navy painters of the title. He lives in the black sea fleet as the background, created a large number of paintings. His life is more than 6000 works.
Rainbow [local] ava pad for 102 * 132 cm The sea and wave texture painting! Man and nature in the struggle, struggle, give a person with the power of the shock, this also is a kind of beauty.
Oil painting from birth has been 600 years, is the earliest by the 14th century Netherlands van. Ike brothers invented. And we China is the end of the 19th century, not formally by a handful of European and Japanese to learn the art of students is introduced. It is a kind of linseed oil and other oil and pigment toner and stearic acid, painting done in the picture on the base cloth or board. Due to the oil painting can be scraped off to draw, so it can constantly change, until satisfied.
Oil painting and watercolor gouache, etc Picture than appears thick and strong, able to bear or endure look. So painting can often show the big scene and the subject of more in-depth characterization.
Water in the moonlight Ava pad
Moonlight jump in the waves, the portrait of a beautiful piano music. The movement of the water is also very strong. This is not a photo, but all by your own observation and memory. You see, is exquisite and rich level, leap, and vivid momentum, the moonlight and the light of the water feeling, simple sense, so impress people. Seemed to be able to make people feel the sound of the water and it’s cold. This this, don’t like listening to a song moving symphony, give you a kind of beautiful enjoyment?
The north sea on the storm Ava pad
Painting the biggest charm lies in four points: 1. The form 2. 3. The light color 4 strokes
Modelling is painting a picture (I mean the representational painting, don’t refer to abstract painting], the basis of the sketch and drawing, the foundation of popular say like don’t like it.
Painting often use light to express the depth and space feeling. Oil painting in the third dimension is the best.
Colour is the best part of famous oil painting, can move you, mainly is by the charm of color! If a painting color monotone, charm is poor.
Stroke is the painter heart on the canvas, or bold and unrestrained, or delicate; Cool or warm, reflected the painter’s emotion and mood. so
If you can’t find a point on a painting brush strokes, that the picture is not necessarily a good picture: oh, what is the difference between it and the camera?
That we shouldn’t use camera now?
Clear blue skies LeiLuoFu
Painting is a visual art, the painting in addition to look at it what does it mean, main is to appreciate the painting modelling, colour, light, atmosphere and artistic conception and figure painting expression, expression, temperament and so on. Otherwise you will not be able to have fun and enjoy.
Such as the picture on the seven swans attitude how beautiful modelling is vivid. Photos, there is no way to let oneself to arrange. The size of the seven swans, posture, the density, accumulation and dispersion, perspective; At the mercy of the wings, all through the painter elaborate scrutiny.
Warm color. This caused great space stereo feeling and sense of sunshine.
Painter also took on the use of light and color, you can see under the wings of the swan color, both the sky light, and the surface reflecting sunlight
Bai Zui birds come in 1871 SaFu pull”
Painter also used a variety of strokes, scraper and thin degrees of oil painting knife came hard, soft, rough, fine and so on different texture. So the surface of the oil painting is often uneven. Because oil paints with oil painting brush strokes, there is a different thickness of paste, the paste with the artist’s hand waving to form a paste. Insiders’ appreciation is to appreciate the beauty of color paste, [outsider just don't understand why painting so rugged?] So, the oil painting to look far.
Bai Zui birds fly in the [local] in 1871 SaFu pull”
After oil painting, must also be installed on the box. Seen oil painting exhibition of friends, surely frame exquisite have impression of oil painting. A few years ago the French impressionist masterpieces on the casing outside each at least tens of thousands of circle. Oil painting frame, seems to be general in the bath.
Local al and puff
To illustrate the use of brush strokes, I put a Russian painters al here specially to puff of a piece of figure painting. On this picture,
The painter to show a warm and harmonious atmosphere; The warm sunshine, strong lively national costume, using a broad brush, a warm,
Bold and unrestrained, casual, powerful, smooth strokes. See the artist with such enthusiasm bright strokes/a bit like the spring in the Chinese painting to express the rural women, the hearts of the audience will be moved by the author. This feeling is can’t give your photography works.
The picture of the light and color are also very successful. Painting took backlighting, have a few fat girl face reflected light from the other clothes, like taking photos with the auxiliary light.
That of urban Rembrandt as the 17th century Dutch master of classicism
The three plates is classical painting works.
Turkey’s baths 19 th-century neoclassical master French ingres
This painting is called classical painting. It attaches great importance to the sketch relations of the picture. Method is: to paint on the canvas to draw a first Very lifelike “black-and-white pictures”, and then on it with special oil, dip in color again through the cover, catch, finally completed. Colour is multi-purpose inherent color, tonal multi-purpose coffee to be unified. Soy sauce soup color is so classical painting often. Because of its foundation make very serious, so also looks very realistic. Just a bit drab.
Napoleon like David for 19 th-century French neoclassical master
Classical oil painting mostly paintings very exquisite, lifelike. Like photos. Many photographs of the works and now almost no difference.
French JiWen painting art Belong to the impressionist works
Naked in the sun In France JiWen painting Louis. He works
The picture of the human body skin beautiful painted is unparalleled
Compare under, you can see, in the 19th century impressionist works, colour, is much more beautiful than the classical, also more brilliant.
In the far north Mr Sirkin as
Sketch chromatology is the essence of the modern oil painting, especially the impressionist painters such as monet, modern painters use generally
Of the theory and method. It special emphasis on fixed color of object, and the mutual relationship between the light source color and environmental color, in short, is the color of the object is not entirely natural color, it also has the effect of light and the surrounding environment reflective. Therefore, oil painting looks especially vivid.
Across the street light oil paintings
Such as a piece of paper, light color has a different color, therefore, will change the color of the road surface is.
Rural kei chan
Like this again, by light color is yellow, and the color of the shadow is not is green and yellow and black, and turned into a bluish green, in some places there is blue sky, the influence of in chromatology, receives the color and the color of the backlight tooling, is often the opposite, i.e. the smooth, warm color of backlight tooling is cold, and vice versa.
This is a known as expressionism oil painting
Classical painting brush and paste is not obvious, and even no. But the invention of the camera and painters began in the make an issue of these two aspects. This picture, for example, belongs to the work of expressionism, by the painters of the psychological feelings.
Oil painting is the main type in the western painting, its style also is varied, with classical oil painting is exquisite, too
Modern paintings and extensive, in particular, the invention of photography, make a lot of the painter’s interest in the exquisite performance painter heart”
“Style. Stroke is more and more big, the picture is more and more exquisite and concise, summarized. There are a lot of work to get rid of the performance of light, no stereo feeling, also do not speak out in space. They pay more attention to, play with color, play writing, playing a” concept “.
So modern painters paintings, almost all have a stroke, or stacked paint is very thick, the picture is uneven, such, can have a very handsome very have the effect of “style”, and this, just don’t like pictures [, who is now no brush, no bump ups and downs, considered not drawing will be professional, at least is also considered as photos, gaudy, etc.]. This is also must be paid attention to when we admire the painting. Otherwise it will be as a layman.
This is a piece of unfinished oil painting sketch manuscript. Vase has a part of all the water flowing down to the oil, this is the draft when oil dip in more than one point, in order to draw up a more smooth. Oil painting on the thick and thin and ACTS as a strengthening performance space. Thin, feeling far; Picture of thick, feeling out, pull so near. Oil painting is often dark, far too thin part of the picture, bright, almost part of the painting too thick.
Large pine forest [aka shipbuilding timber forest] Mr Sirkin 165 * 252 cm
Every small leaves, each small branches, each piece of shadow, and fell on the ground section of the dead wood, life-like amazing things. Images of rain gradually carved out of small holes will be the deduction of time topsoil slip (edge) performance incisively and vividly. (green).
The forest far away Mr Sirkin
In the 19th century Russian paintings, inherits the European classical painting, and also affected by the impressionist color. So, this kind of realism painting has reached its peak. If you have seen my album. Finch – Angle period of classical painting, you can compare. The period of work, with brown give priority to, like soy sauce soup. And now in front of you, is much more beautiful.
Outside Moscow, at noon Mr Sirkin as
The author to show outside Moscow, heaven and earth wide, deliberately put the horizon in a quarter of a place, to show that the cloud of great momentum, roads and fields sense of perspective drawing is extremely successful, make a person feel very near, infinite profound. On the left side of the distance of smoke and the theme of the nearby farmers points to go home at noon. Clouds and field painting much good ah! .
Oak Mr Sirkin
A herd of cattle the small pool at the bottom of the ditch water a day, quietly rest under the tree. The earth bathed in the sun at noon, the fields profoundly infinite stretched, but the chance to hear a moo moo, the picture is quiet…
The forest flower bush sirkin
In photography or in the age of black and white, artists are able to draw very realistic for capabilities, and in an age of photography have been developed to use digital, part of the painter think painting like this no way out again [in fact, some people is to draw not to come out, they said the grapes are sour], a part of the painter still tend to tenaciously cling to the drawing, but has added some deformation, hyperbole, enhanced the use of brush and so on.
The depths of the forest Mr Sirkin for 209 * 161 cm
For some young people now, I see this highly realistic oil painting has lambasted, scoffed just don’t understand.
Personally, I think any art, as long as can do extreme, it should be admitted that it’s achievement. As long as you can give a person with beautiful enjoyment, as long as can make people admire him for his ability and skills, you should admit that the somebody else is great. You can go to set what is what, but you should not be separated from history, to belittle the great painter. Besides, the true master is not you scold a few words will fall. Instead, you may still be a name out of the village of amateur, not a point or modest!
Landscape painter library for cheese ladoga lake 1842-1910
Library for cheese is a unique style of landscape painter, is the most romantic emotional appeal of nature at the 19th century, his landscape painting works colour lively, comparative and intense, abridged and does not have a beautiful decorative appeal. Ukraine is the representative work in the evening, is very famous.
Local nearby rocks and half immersed in the water stone,, very ordinary things, actually let he painted so beautiful, is not easy!
On the evening of Ukraine Library for cheese
The western oil painting reproductions, cultured is the sketch modelling, light and color, in the 19th century, the technology has been greatly developed. Painters have learned to use contrasting colors to paint objects. You see, the house, the light part of the white wall with the glow of the sunset, and the dark parts of the backlight, celadon. It is red and green contrast [terminology called complementary relationship] painters understand the relationship between the complementary color, color level is greatly into a big step forward. This progress starts from the impressionists. Before this, classical painter painting mostly like soy sauce soup, the sketch relations: good, but it is difficult to really shine color. After impressionism, colour is really nice. It has been an art oil painting reproductions teacher as an example about color knowledge.
After the storm Library for cheese
Painting is very lyrical, painted with ornamental. It is said that painting painting, the painter specifically for it opened an exhibition, [only] an image, look a whole lot of people, and the high praise.
The golden autumn Levitan as
This painting is very famous and birch trees against the blue sky in autumn, leaves a gold foil to sita sita, all the plants in the field, all with a piece of golden yellow, the river water reflected the brilliant blue sky, it formed a strong contrast color and yellow, that golden color more impress people..
Moonlit levitan as
Levitan is a very talented painter, but unfortunately only live for 39 years, and he died Cunning clean sky of the moon, the earth shines bright. As the memory of famous oil painting by the painter and inspiration. Although not exquisite, artistic conception is so beautiful! Especially female friends, whether you feel very romantic, very poetic?
Dusk. Levitan as the moon
Russia’s excellent landscape painters, permeated with the spirit of patriotism, in show Russia’s natural landscape, they can give nature in a unique social significance. And exquisite style, scene, poetic, full of democratic thought. Levitan’s landscape painting is good, it can be comparable to the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky.
Moon at dusk.
The breeze of the volga Levitan as
Please use your imagination, in their own language, the artistic conception of the picture. The picture with blue gray tone, soft warm yellow and blue grey hand in photograph reflect, make the person has immersive feel.

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