Zhang jie in recent years at home and abroad,continuously held behind the mountains there are people oil painting exhibition

Zhang jie in recent years at home and abroad,continuously held behind the mountains there are people oil painting exhibition

Almost in landscape paintings depicting the natural mountains and rivers, mainly including “Chinese landscape”, “green mark”, “the earth” and other series. When I first saw his latest book, the first feeling is: very modern, very Chinese, also very traditional.
With natural scenery as the painting subjects, whether in China or in the west has a long history. China’s landscape painting as a independent subject appeared in wei jin period, the existing mature landscape painting theory and techniques, wedding portrait painting by hand painted but not to save; The earliest existing landscape painting is sui dynasty ZhanZiQian YouChun figure, technique level slightly rough, but after the tang and song dynasty has obvious progress. After the yuan and Ming, as a result of the literature, zen, calligraphy and other factors, Chinese landscape painting by places took a photo with the creation of places, start “s shape and yue”, began to “calligraphy pen”, started to ink, began to forget the QiuHuo in natural landscape, start with a landscape heart. During the Ming and qing dynasties gradually mature and stylized landscape painting a natural relationship with the real little, the product of purely subjective imagery literati painters, but it’s literati artificial spirit home, in the world history of unique Oriental wisdom, aesthetic features alone. The closeness to nature and attachment, perhaps the Chinese the farming people’s nature, the so-called “heaven and earth have big beauty without words, four clear method without debate, all things rather than success.” (” zhuangzi · know northward “). Even in a city, but can be by landscape painting “feast, no hall sit springs of poor lives” (Guo Xi Lin Quangao cause), sit in the home of the ideal of reclusion mountain forest. After the yuan dynasty landscape painting gradually into mainstream painting, many artists painting landscape. And why do you want to draw mountain? Reason is rather complex, to paraphrase the classic words, because “the mountain is over there.”
The western independent landscape began in 17 th-century Dutch painting, les, HuoBeiMa is a pioneer. Before the “impressionism”,custom house portrait painting USA western landscape orientation and objective of natural scenery, painting realism, artists through accurate perspective and complex lighting performance, expresses the approval and praise of nature. In the second half of the 19th century, photography has been widely used in life, “impressionism” pictures, the artist started deliberately avoid works and in accordance with the physics theories such as QiSeGuang spectrum of colors and color science research, began to experimental performance of color, pay attention to the landscape, instant outside light, and thus began to introduce places of one-off drawing sketch, since “divisionism”, “post-impressionist” from the Angle of the understanding of the different enriched the features of the landscape, which changes the “academic” studio “fire makes sweet malt” style of work. Monet’s “haystack”, “church” “water lily”, etc. Series of landscape; Seurat, west snake stippling decorative landscape; Cezanne’s “saint victor mountain” and other works, is objective to recreate natural landscapes and traditional leading up to the distance, is painting a revolutionary overthrow.
Zhang jie’s artistic experience is not complicated, from sichuan institute accessorial middle school to the eleventh year of graduate student’s study, combined with 21 years of teaching, the time has not short more than 30 years, is a famous sichuan institute of development after the “reform and opening up” the golden age of the full version, the mainstream style of different period and the different art style of a painter, stimulate his position must be for his own painting and also had to be done on aspects such as the art of painting language academic thinking of their own. So, says Mr Yi Ying “with strong colour” the theory of zhang jie’s oil painting language, trees, says Mr YouHuaJie few zhang jie may be “from the perspective of academic studying oil painting itself performance language of one of the young artists”, I think it is more objective

novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about

wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring

total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting especially in its iconic bowler hats,pipe, green apple and famous iron blue sky, very significant influence on pop custom oil painting art

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