Contemporary Chinese oil paintings should refers to Chinese realistic oil painting since 1980 s

Contemporary Chinese oil paintings should refers to Chinese realistic oil painting since 1980 s

Considering the artist to attend the meeting on the oil painting development of between 1978 and 1989 there has been a relatively clear and generally consistent view, I mainly talk about 1989 years later. In the 80 s as a backbone oil painting creation, today still play a role of leading painter, everybody is very familiar with, also not introduce one. I’ve listed work is given priority to with young and middle-aged painters, the understanding of these works and evaluation, from my impression of the individual, not exchange views and oil painting society friends. Hope everyone to give criticism.
The development of China’s most profound influence in the 90 s, the market economy instead of planned economy.wholesale oil painting from china Culture and art also creates a lot of change, the choice of the market economy not only affects the painter personal art performance, also affects the art education, art groups, arts publishing. Outside of the mainstream culture has formed the mainstream culture, in painting, it means that the unofficial exhibition, publishing, sales way. Because of the oil painting art of western cultural background, non-mainstream channels for the painter individuals tend to be more attractive, but reception mode diversification does not make art works ideological contradiction, conflict, single top-down political control of the art relatively reduced, and the multiple influences on art market is gradually increased. Artists from the diversity of contemporary culture, on the other hand, face a more complicated situation, globalization and nationalization, modern and post-modern, avant-garde and the traditional, custom couple portrait painting USA elegant and vulgar, personal mood and humanistic care… All this is not a standard answer can solve, different artists with their own work gave a different answer to these questions.
Should see, art groups and artistic trend of desalination, didn’t make by the contemporary artists of the unrelated individuals, but formed the creation of several different flow trend. Realism and non realism, mainstream and avant-garde such binary classification cannot sum up the current reality of Chinese oil painting landscape. Factors determining the painter art, is not only a educational background, regional, or the choice of foreign art style. Painter’s ideological beliefs, cultural origin, artistic conception, living style and the new social strata belong to various factors, although not as divided as literary and social science theories, but is deeply exerts a subtle influence on the painter’s art.
In the aspect of culture, globalization and nationalism of the collision, “liberal” and “new left” concept, the contradiction of the gender understanding…
In terms of artistic conception, the exploration of formal language and social culture criticism, break through the traditional painting boundary on commitment and arts and comprehensive…
In the painter living style and work out the way: system inside and outside, inside and outside college, at home and abroad… Different social situation, different culture Angle of view, have a role on its artistic features.
Each painter in these respects, consciously or unconsciously choose, in recent years, with a deep impression of works and joint art phenomenon, are in fact related to these changes.
One, the “main melody” diverse understandin

novel surrealist works, social credit system, custom oil painting only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about

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