Oil painting repair industry has everywhere helpless,talent of education high art takes time

Oil painting repair industry has everywhere helpless,talent of education high art takes time

The Oriental morning post – art review 11 on the problems arising from the oil painting repair report. Since 2006, I participated in the construction of Shanghai university academy of fine arts oil painting repair center, custom portrait and oil painting reproductions USA since people personally verified to painting repair attention. However, the current domestic oil painting repair industry facing the present situation is: professional repair organization, professionals engaged in the work of repair also are few and far between… Oil painting, due to its relatively short history in China, also not be included in the category of cultural relic… Held by the auction houses, galleries or painting collectors sometimes to paintings after the flashy decent show can gain more interest in the field of circulation for the purpose of requirements XiuFuShi in extremely hasty finish work “cheap plastic”… Of repair concept for people in the face of these phenomena and some misunderstanding, I often feel helpless.
Each pieces need to be repaired has different problems, and the solution of these problems require very careful and thorough inspection, testing, analysis and argument, to find the best solution. Whether the preparation, or in the repair process, every step requires rigorous scientific attitude, to make the work finally got the ideal repair. With the image of the match, the oil painting restoration as clinical medicine. XiuFuShi face every painting must be prepared to complete the inspection testing work, find out the cause “suit the remedy to the case”; XiuFuShi to familiar oil painting “pathological” and “pharmacology”, the treatment of choice in control measures, and make detailed records in the future “tone” and make recommendations. The time required to develop a XiuFuShi and conditions are not less than a doctor.
In fact, to protect workers from all over the world, Europe, North America and China, should observe the basic professional ethics and professional norms. In my opinion, to protect workers is internationalization goals and ideas, and in this respect there is no region or genre, respectively. Between each XiuFuShi, as a result of knowledge or equipment tools are different, in the concrete repair work may choose different materials, but the chosen material must meet the following confirmed by the industry common conditions: (1) on the chemical and physical matching with the original; 2. Can distinguish between with the original material; 3. When necessary, can be used for the original in a way minimizing any risk to remove; 4. In the appropriate material with the most stable physical and chemical properties; 5. Don’t interfere with analysis of the works to repair or in the future.custom pet portrait by hand painted in china If there is no suitable material or method, repair work must be postponed, and stability need to be repaired by using the way of the preventive maintenance work.
Compared with the European and American countries, the oil painting in China’s history is shorter, the old oil painting because of lack of proper maintenance and long very long time, situation is grim, painting protection workers faced the situation is serious. As first-line workers, we eagerly hope that the relevant state departments will give more attention, urgently looking forward to more of the oil painting artists, galleries, collectors to painting repair idea have further understanding of and attention; And hope that as soon as possible under the support of relevant people from all walks of life set up the mechanism of professional associations and industry norms, so as to further promote the development of the cause of China’s oil painting protection and restoration of health

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