Said his paintings small paintings express feeling can quickly,make big natural finish painting

Said his paintings small paintings express feeling can quickly,make big natural finish painting

Because the tools such as brush, brush size limit, was a complete, the next tranche of keep up with the matter immediately, it must be because of the large format to fill a few pen, painting through feeling is broken, oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china painting a coherent emotional or not, the result makes images into a green, repeatedly to the passive state. A big pair of works completed time consuming power, consumption is not only physical strength, and more energy, and is how to make their own writing reiki beyond painting may occur in the process of mechanical numbness of movement and consistently throughout the picture; Or make their creation reiki more exquisite, make the whole picture of every stroke, every color is straight out of my chest, with vitality. In the studio I see many think are not satisfied with his work, he often after a period of time and used to think that is not the ideal of the artwork out then. His oil painting creation by the visual images and the in the mind that gives a person is always so lively, relaxed, happy and peaceful, comfortable, but his creative process, sometimes easy, sometimes is bitter, fought, the art is hard work. View the original image texture texture itself is a kind of beauty, but he will be the material of this abstract texture beauty gives the object factors, formed his unique language form and performance style. In painting a wall when, for example, he is a color in the brush material of wall texture to the wall and make both visually and symbolic reach. This area again as in the picture wall appeared many dilute oil drip marks, but it lacked of dilute oil stains here under are easily reminiscent of old rain trace on the wall, is very real, this is actually they are on the aesthetic habits of psychology. This situation can be found everywhere in his paintings, material texture similar to that of different regions, the use of different colors, is a day, is in for a moment, a moment is a wall, a tree, is a stone steps, for a while is a river, changeable, magic, the secret is boundless. Even similar material of similar color texture, in the picture on the location of the day is the day, in the other picture in the earth’s position is; One minute, or show the peeling of the wall, and the next show the road was muddy, and is characterized by the stiffness of the stone steps. His symbol is the use of the visual and mental imagery and aesthetic habits, and many other factors in the language style of his personality and exploration. This somewhat like using pen and ink in Chinese painting to express the object, both the ink, and image, like and don’t like, bring out the best in each other. In his paintings, such like and unlike, the meaning and shape of the tacit understanding is almost perfect.
In recent years, the text of the oil painting creation as its composition from a few years ago the more hasten is flabby. Relaxation is more and more people like fragments of memories and dreams, is like the stream of consciousness, a hybrid memory with flabby like canvas can through the air, make noble serious “oil painting” has some kind of affinity, make proper tension of the viewer had relaxed state of mind. Relaxation look like the creator to swim into the heart content at the beginning of the state.
What kind of mentality to make what kind of state, in the era of faster and material, the mentality of people naturally have some panic, but Mr Wen has transfer to keep peace of mind and so serene works, really let a person admire. But the reality of the mass culture in private, sometimes a word “feeling quite confused lately,” he is very fond of solitude and exclude the interference of the outside world to pursue spiritual ideal homeland, but real life ideal as are always at odds with the pure mind,custom wedding portrait painting from photos mind is more sensitive, mind is more sensitive to the more vulnerable to external shocks. To create the perfect work enjoyable but his spirit world under all kinds of difficulties and pressure, this is the paradox of spiritual wealth and spiritual wealth creators. In the pursuit of material wealth and spirit wealth creation, Mr Wen are more inclined to the latter. Said, the pursuit of wealth is endless, spent too much time and effort in this respect for oneself is not worth it. The creation of the spiritual wealth is also WuQiongQi, but it is itself a meaningful life. In painting creation road, said, but he didn’t want to have a fling, but hope to be able to steady type, spiral. Easy need wisdom and courage, wait for need confidence and confidence, life is the accumulation of creation and wealth. Perhaps is because of this, with the passage of time, Mr Wen pure bright beautiful, full of spiritual easily hidden in the works of a little hint of melancholy of mourning without harming the will be more and more hasten is rational and implicative, the whole works increasingly nature, rich and deep

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