Concept of figure painting in one hundred:some say like,some strange

Concept of figure painting in one hundred:some say like,some strange

“This I know.” CCTV recently hit TV series “revolution” let XiaoMin remember Chen Tianhua covered with long hair; “This with the image of” the founding of “Andy played differences so big!” Middle school students Wang Linli pointing Cai E kind said. Yesterday afternoon, more than 200 xinhai characters in one hundred officially land China oil painting gallery five exhibition hall. Roaming, like walked into a Chinese history in one hundred, sun yat-sen, qing dynasty, liao zhongkai; MAO zedong, zhou enlai, ye jianying… The people with lofty ideals of more than one hundred since one hundred xinhai and visitors like this “encounter” in the history of space and time.
Staff of the organizers, wedding portrait painting by hand painted ,the exhibition works for the hundreds of excellent contemporary artists in the study of modern history of China, consult the xinhai revolution file, investigation, on the basis of historical sites, with oil painting realism, painting art creation. “Restore historical truth is its biggest characteristic.” Involved in the creation of a 81 – year – old famous painter Hou Yimin said.
Reporters in the hall to hear the most words can be roughly classified into two categories. One is “like, painting is really like!” There is a “this is who ah, don’t know.” The former is mostly elderly visitors, while the latter is mostly young people. In a picture of a “sun yat-sen and soong ching ling together” before painting, Zhao Hongwei Ma Xiulian repeatedly praised as with his wife. “That is, they are again good back also play not to come out.” Zhao Hongwei is a university in shanxi history teacher, always like to delve into the character of the republic of China. In addition to the individual character oil painting, the exhibition also specially arranged for this Mosaic series, such as “great milestone series”, respectively described the XingZhongHui, brothers was established, and the Chinese kuomintang (KMT) held the first national congress of the scene. Painting oil painting exhibition “and” sun yat-sen footprint with paintbrush, respectively under the “record” sun yat-sen in shaoguan, nanyang, Japan and other image in different locations. “Soong ching ling” series from Hou Yimin from “study aims to”, “thin”, “the war of resistance fighters”, “outstanding leader”, “peace ambassadors”, “create the future” six aspects of “nation” demeanor. wholesale oil painting from china ,”It is similar to comb knowledge points, the longitudinal throughout to facilitate everybody understanding memory.” Zhao Hongwei with camera shoot a showroom in all works.
In addition to such as song jiaoren, mr.tan kah kee, CAI yuanpei, Chen duxiu many familiar figures, the fair system also introduced many martyrs “famous”. “Yu Hume is who ah, don’t listen to listen to.” “I thought Ma Junwu still alive, he was the first alliance members.” From time to time a visitor out so sigh with emotion. “Don’t say real image, a lot of people is not even in the film and television play is deduced, maybe that’s why they let a person feel strange.” A staff in surnamed huang told reporters. However, reporters at the scene to see, every painting on the right side has hundred words “character biographies, birth year, main deeds are introduced. Such as, “Liu Daoyi for alliance members died in the first martyr”, in “Yang Hongsheng” in the introduction of specially marked “and Peng Chufan Liu Fuji said xinhai shouyi block ‘three martyrs’”. “Is to recognize people, but also know history.” A visitor at the entrance to the exhibition hall, wrote on the guest book

large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about

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