Xu beihong painting of human body:ms jiang biwei record 72.8 million

Xu beihong painting of human body:ms jiang biwei record 72.8 million

On June 22, Beijing nine songs in the spring of 2010 held in Beijing tianlun dynasty hotel, warm atmosphere auction site, packed, bidding,oil painting company the climactic showdown. More than 800 sold out of the total turnover of 250 million yuan. The Fan Ceng works “in tianmu songs LiuBie the child Xia Zhu figure 15 works such as hundred a price. Eight mountain man’s poetic figure age triggered a bidding collectors to clinch a deal with the high price of 21.28 million yuan. High-profile xu beihong oil painting in 12 million or the body – ms jiang biwei, several bids, dropping the hammer to clinch a deal for 72.8 million yuan. This picture of xu beihong for creation of jiang biwei human body painting is the only rare art, is one of the important works of xu beihong painting sketch. The the value of the oil painting record, break the xu beihong art paintings auction record, its historical value, artistic value and market value will become the value of his art market judgment standard.
Xu beihong’s painting works, in addition to the collection and relatives have, rarely appeared in public, particularly rare fine paintings, the work of the human body – ms jiang biwei, provided by the famous overseas collectors, is an important representative of xu beihong painting sketch. Mr Xu beihong’s works are the human ms jiang biwei jiang biwei stands resemble, can fully reflect the characteristics of xu beihong painting modelling is important work, the frame model ms jiang biwei with changing S model for painting prototype,oil painting factory three-quarters of the profile shape add the projection of the body structure of tianguang studio as a sculptural show, show excellent Mr Xu from the French school of classical painting pass rigorous college foundation, caramel tone color make pictures haunted the atmosphere of of primitive simplicity, show the lining in the solemn noble and pure, images of the human body makes the viewer into the pure beauty like the ancient Greek goddess of appreciation level, although nearly half a century history in the past, but this photo charm of unique canvas of middleman like a past fresh eyes.
In recent years, xu beihong paintings due to fewer works fine price rising, the picture of the human body – ms jiang biwei clinch a deal once again proved that the market demand of exclusivity works

and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more art than 541 art million art yuan

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