Female painters mark new concept theme paintings for pop music king Michael Jackson

Female painters mark new concept theme paintings for pop music king Michael Jackson

Works were published that won the fine oil painting supplier arts of music and business people from all walks of life’s attention and praise. American time Jackson died on June 24, the eve of the anniversary, her new book “the Music Cola” MJ series oil painting scroll appeared in New York’s times square, the world’s largest display, became the first American times square Thomson Reuters large screen of Chinese female painters.
Wu sheng spring auction 2010 Shanghai on June 22-27 potter Mary jia hotel in Shanghai, then Zhou Chi will also have more work to participate in this activity.
Zhou Chi Tribute theme of the new concept of oil painting, which opened on May 12, after her Shanghai spring art salon appearance will also go to the United States and Japan tour, all with “hail to the legend in the world” as the theme, which is rare in the current domestic exhibition. Through the brush works for Michael Jackson and elvis Presley legend of pop music stars and music course, reveal the stars of different ideas, different experiences and different s personality traits, and they have brought the world’s great masterpiece in shock; Painting characters in the head is as the unique innovation to piece together the fusion mass associated with characters of music elements, innovative ideas, image lifelike, picture processing reflects the perfect combination of local realism and oil painting gallery abstraction, technique of expression passion make public, give a person with strong visual impact, color and elegant nostalgia sometimes bold imagination, the most magical side is a peculiar metallic images can let a person see not the same in different lighting and visual perception, and along with the transfer of the viewing Angle and position of transform, picture luster will produce intense emotion by glowing effect of time delay and analog stereo feeling.
Zhou Chi loved art and music, learning, the traditional focus on contemporary, get drunk and obsession can break through the shackles of time real works of art, whether painting or music. For us in the ’60 s avant-garde art master Andy Warhol’s reverence and miss her every piece is different s different modelling, on the basis of the food or beverage cans with different palace figure and draw the outline of the image to the flow of black lines highlighted in traits of the characters, with rich color make the image more dynamic, inheritance, and combines the Andy Warhol’s classic artistic style, plus clever collocation, imaginative and creative characters of related elements, make the whole work presents the nostalgia and avant-garde art style of organic co-exist. She wants to use character + canned salute to her most revered elder artist ANDY! To let people taste the soup cans full of rich art, cans of coke contains infinite passion! She works in a large number of finely crafted, extensive in see tiny, easy to be its closed capability of painting

and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more art than 541 art million art yuan

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