Carina lau charity dinner and paintings between yunshan middleman Li Feier leave telephone

Carina lau charity dinner and paintings between yunshan” middleman Li Feier leave telephone

Last week at a charity dinner, star bright, love is infinite. Carina lau in a rare tang suit, elegant luxury. Carina lau is not only personally custom wedding portrait came to the night to the title “between yunshan”, but also with painting middleman Li Feier very congenial, warm hug, not only the stage the audience is also a meeting, also left a phone to each other, for intimacy. In the evening, carina lau and Li Feier alike have picked out the yellow as the color of the dress. , carina lau is a delicate yellow outfit, expensive gas. Li Feier is wearing a yellow FENDI 2010 spring and summer, condole belt small formal attire, luxuriant in with some sweet.
The night of the finale, oil painting “between yunshan” started at more than 100. This painting by Li Feier served as a model, the Chinese realistic painting leader Yang Feiyun creation, the organizers also invited carina lau as guests came to power, the main shoot the sky-high oil painting. Carina lau to power is praised “between yunshan” will the verve of girl, not the kui is the most expensive items. Carina lau is opened when see Li Feier Li Feier joke, “I think the painter and figure painting special good, don’t know whether the real like this.” The words the whole laugh. When painting in 5.2 million,custom pet portrait and the price went home after, carina lau to enthusiastically embrace Li Feier, congratulations.
After the auction ended, carina lau and Li Feier sit together. Although is the first meeting, the two people feel. Carina lau praised Li Feier is very beautiful, big act on the stage, also warm-hearted suggested “” you picked the hat will be better. Reporters saw two people close to whisper, listen carefully, the original carina lau ask Li Feier have a boyfriend, Li Feier shy and knowing what you have to answer, both of them laughed, carina lau touching Li Feier head and said “the silly child”. Meanwhile, two people not only meeting, but also to each other

male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china painting doubt.

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