Tsu held throughout quintessence of China oil painting exhibition will be opened tomorrow

Tsu held throughout quintessence of China oil painting exhibition will be opened tomorrow

On November 3, sponsored by the national custom oil painting china tsu essence, Shanghai, Beijing art development co., LTD to undertake “the quintessence of China oil painting art exhibition”, in the grand opening of national grand theatre. , vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress zhou tienong, Lin Wenyi, vice chairman of CPPCC national committee united front work department, the central committee of the communist party of China central committee, the central committee of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese committee of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau, the commission, the ministry of culture, the painters’ association, association for relations across the Taiwan strait, the Taiwan affairs office of China, Beijing municipal people’s political consultative conference and other relevant units, and specially invited guests from Hong Kong, Taiwan and professionals attended the opening ceremony. The national TaiLianHui ChangLiang Yang delivered his opening speech. The art show the hero painter Liu Linghua tribute.
For a long time, the national tsu as folks organization of Taiwan compatriots on the mainland, actively carry out cross-strait cultural exchanges, wedding portrait painting promote cross-straits cultural identity, to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. The event is on display at the painter Liu Linghua works. He is a good painter fame in recent years, his work has in China art gallery, exhibited in Tokyo, the APEC meeting and works of oil painting “the drunken beauty” was made into 220 embroidery, as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games organizing committee the delegations to the world of the precious gifts. Liu Linghua prominent works line, color contrast and exaggeration, traditional freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese and modern abstract photograph replacement, Chinese paintings, prints and painting a variety of techniques, full use of the eastern and western painting art is long, give a person with strong visual impact and artistic appeal. Was the European media hailed as “the east van gogh”.
This exhibition, as the prelude of the exhibition tour in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, until the end of 9, 7 days, open to the public.
The tsu announced at a news conference in Beijing today, on November 3 to 9, held in the national grand theatre “the quintessence of China oil painting art exhibition”. This is the tsu positive changes in cross-strait relations, to further strengthen cultural exchanges, the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan to carry forward the concrete measures of the Chinese traditional culture.
As folks organization of Taiwan compatriots on the mainland, the tsu long-term commitment to develop and promote cross-strait cultural exchanges. The quintessence of China oil painting exhibition, will showcase China’s famous painting artist Liu Linghua technique reflects part of the Peking Opera theme works with oil paintings. After the exhibition, “the quintessence of China oil painting exhibition” will also be timely to Hong Kong and in Taiwan

is not the same, each person’s work will also give oil painting a person the feeling of strange, but these feelings together may¬†china painting perform a “visual experience”


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