Moderate distance space,ke 2007 oil painting four synchronous solo exhibition

Moderate distance space,ke 2007 oil painting reproductions four synchronous solo exhibition

Ke is moderate, the current Taiwan private art appreciation division full-time associate professor of nankai institute of technology. Born in nantou Taiwan art family, parents have been accepted, has set foot on the long and arduous but ever since he was happy artist. Since 1987 in taichung city cultural center, and held his custom oil painting father KeYaoDong father and son for the first time after the exhibition, which has been wedded to taichung, and had numerous awards in many art exhibitions, giant brokerage painter of art center now.
Ke medium flows through the brush, application “line” and “color” the two important basic elements of paintings that break through the complex world, make the space of the painting is full of tension and momentum. He not only changed the building structure, break down the picture theme color piece rate, half abstract images of space is filled with fluid and administrative levels sense, image forming the unique artistic conception and space offset charm, is the culture exhibition in taichung the oil painting creation of the theme of “journey ˙ space” mutual reflect.
Ke moderate thought, the creator for the original as the witness, law should be different from the original data, which in the process of wedding portrait painting long-term observation, from fallow thinking is bold and unrestrained self in meditation, giving things like perceptual composite mediation and change, and then by rational exploration of image creation, achieve the new building of the whole order, such as the shape of the creation.
And vision to give visual tactility, generally only the vast memory Shen Fu confused some of the imagery, sensory ability to accept, but also from the surface of the object being attention vision – only the first induction physiological phenomena, if the concept of restricted to certain settled

mode, it is difficult to have the possibility of further construction of degeneration.
In fact, through the painting creation, ke’s pursuit of moderate, vision is not limited to the first contact, but must from the intuitive impression again to clarify and filtering, in the “add” and “reduction”, “strong” and “weak”, “thin” and “the secret” and so on a series of paradox between the visual effect and psychological factors, to calculate the shape and form are under coordination scheme.
The GSR Gallery, Beijing, Shanghai, France, Alsace in taichung four display work record with moderate ke experimenting, along the way, the aesthetic feeling of the law, and terrifying tension accumulated between figurative and abstract keeps balance not to speak of

is for today’s fast food culture and oil painting artistic style of question, also is the meaning of the oil painting exhibition

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