Oil painting and contemporary art market in recent years has been showing high growth momentum

Oil painting and contemporary art market in recent years has been showing high growth momentum

Artists of the highest price record is oil painting constantly breaking, painting and contemporary art auction price also is the development trend of soaring, works price rise to a new level. 2007 autumn auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong, a CAI “APEC 14 sketch landscape fireworks display” (2002) to 74.25 million hk dollar clinch a deal valence in the Chinese contemporary art auction record. In the spring of pet portrait painting 2008, this record was broken again.
In the spring of 2008, 100 in front of the art auction market clinch a deal the price list, “” oil painting and contemporary art works accounted for more than 30 of them, while in the list of the top 10 accounted for more than five. High price still is given priority to with oil painting works, the works of zeng fanzhi become the highest wedding portrait painting in the first half of 2008, namely at Christie’s in Hong Kong launched “mask series 1996 NO. 6″ (1996) clinch a deal valence is 1996 yuan, in the quarter art auction market clinch a deal the price ranking the third.
Mr. Liu’s paintings show in the spring of 2008, and the price rise, such as China launched the hotbed NO. 1 (2005) clinch a deal valence is as high as 57.12 million yuan, while the other works in the battlefield realism – a new 18 arhats “(2004) in Hong Kong su fu also clinchs a deal with 55.73475 million yuan, total 5, 6, respectively, family portrait painting and are beyond the historical highest of Mr. Liu individual works. Has been in the auction market the first line of the contemporary artists, yue minjun, zhang xiaogang, are presented the high breakthrough, individual


work of the highest price get refresh again, such as yue minjun “interesting” (1993) at Christie’s in Hong Kong, clinch a deal valence is as high as 48.137875 million yuan, and launched by the Hong Kong su fu zhang xiaogang “bloodline: big family no. 3, with a price of $42.63075 million.
Clinch a deal the quantity and amount for the overall rise
From the fall of 2007 to spring 2008 oil painting and the general market situation of contemporary art, works on a quantity of 18339 pieces, volume of 13474 pieces, sell-through rate is 73%, clinch a deal amount is 6.764612956 billion yuan. From oil painting and contemporary art in this year’s art auction share of see, volume accounted for 9% of the total 143227 works, while turnover accounted for 26% of the total amount of 26.3 billion yuan. Compared to the first half of 2007 Chinese art auction market clinch a deal amount is 7.579 billion yuan RMB

shot, George, and jailed. In 1995, Ronnie died in vick ham park oil painting hospital, aged 61. In 2000, his twin brother oil painting raj, died aged 66


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