Ten people were painted oil painting girl by reading ruins plan sale 60 million

Ten people were painted oil painting girl by reading ruins plan sale 60 million

On the afternoon of May 12,, after the town of shifang for secondary school buildings collapsed, more than one hundred students were buried in the rubble. On May 13 in the morning, when the chengdu military command special brigade officers and soldiers rescue, found a girl is reading in a flashlight in the ruins. The girl called deng, she moved by the story of China, but unfortunately the story did not leave any image custom portrait painting data.
Recently, the central academy of fine arts graduate Ma Bing, salt and sichuan, Qin Wenqing, XinDongWang, Zhu Chunlin, present, ma Lin, sd, Tomlinson, Wang Keju 10 artists, by way of collective creation, spent 3 days to the creation story became a moving image of the oil on canvas, called “celebration of life”, collected by entrepreneurs shi yuzhu subscribed for 10 million yuan, and exhibition in today art museum.
Yesterday, to participate in the creation of the pet portrait painting artist to reporters about the story behind this painting. Originally, shi yuzhu is only accepted the first pass love, the painting will continue to sale, until the 60 million earthquake not ruin for the disaster area built schools. The reporter also learned that in the process of the creation of the painting, chongqing people, Marine studio full-time painter Qin Wenqing became a key figure, he spent 48 hours in the disaster areas to find in this wedding portrait painting picture the hero deng cleared.
Hours of


hard creation:
Set up a ruins in the basement
No picture
A brief oral into full information
Us-based full-time painter Ma Bing is one of the celebration of the life in erlangen, CCTV host of “we” Wang Lifen after hearing deng clear story, is the earliest contact him, hope can through the form of painting, moved to China by this story left a valuable image data, and put the painting relief charity sale.
Ma Bing tells a reporter, hear Wang Lifen paraphrased, he was shocked by the first, and then is promised to create is almost without thinking, he thinks “it is both the responsibility of the artist. Then, he immediately contacted with him at the central academy of fine arts high class, “the whole class 14 students, living in Beijing, there are 10, the 10 students are promised down”. The reporter understands, in addition to is to participate in disaster relief Qin Wenqing to chengdu, quickly 9 artists gathered in today art museum, in the absence of any image, image, start writing “fantasy”, and to provide them with only a very simple story model.
Ten people were painted
Each manager shi collaboration
Painting a picture of 2 m * 6 m, let 10 artists to paint, and to look perfect, like from the hand of a person, such a request, for any creator, is a great challenge, no wonder today art museum curator Zhang Zikang when accepting a reporter to interview said: “to 10 different personality, have their own personalities and are very artists together to create a picture, itself is incredible.”
Tsinghua university professor XinDongWang found their creation process to the reporter: “salt and sichuan, Ma Bing is responsible for the overall framework and the theme, I’m better at painting details and still lifes, was placed characters expression, everyone do their job, who painted steel, who draw tables and chairs, we all have a clear division of labor.

the bamiyan Buddha grottoes and oil painting nearby, the restoration is oil painting expected to take ten years


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