Artists continue to writing a short story with oil paintings

Artists continue to writing a short story with oil paintings

But the creative inspiration is too little, we oil painting can get a few artists eventually agreed, to recover a earthquake ruins site. Found a high school girl to do this, they act as a model, in the basement of today art museum, let the girl lying down, the article such as door cover on her body, out of the ruins of a virtual scene. Artists on the scene photographs for reference, completed the first draft of the custom oil painting celebration of the life. Reading in the original draft, the girl was in small model. Ma Bing memories, from start to complete the manuscript, spent a full three days and three nights.
Hours of urgent looking for:
In reading a book while deng ching ching was found
Special task
Looking for deng cleared to ruins
In nine artists struggle in Beijing creation at custom wedding portrait the same time, from their hometown fuling to chengdu to participate in disaster relief work of the navy Qin Wenqing full-time painter of the workshop, also took in the affected areas to find deng clear tasks. Qin Wenqing rushed to the disaster area and the time is on May 23, then during the critical period of disaster relief, to search for an ordinary little custom pet portrait girl in the affected areas and Qin Wenqing also has no bottom. With the help of the militia oriented magazine editor, with military, Qin Wenqing finally reached the story occurred – the town of shifang for middle school, but to his disappointment, deng is not here, her head teacher has revealed an exact message: “she may be in

shuangliu first people’s hospital.”
To find her
Watching “the feelings of a mother’s love”
Arrive to shuangliu first people’s hospital, when the doctor told Qin Wenqing in front of a girl is cleared, deng Qin Wenqing some to dare not believe, because he is from the girl’s eyes to see the age is not consistent with her fortitude. And more Qin Wenqing surprised is, in a hospital corridor makeshift bunk, dealing with noisy environment around, the little girl still seriously look at books, her hands holding the feelings of a mother’s love, next to the one about it, the journal entry. Qin Wenqing said, deng is very generous, enthusiasm to call him “the people’s liberation army uncle”, in the face of Qin Wenqing photo request, deng very readily answer. At this point, the protagonist in the story, was finally camera, no longer abstract. In order to find deng, Qin Wenqing spent for 48 hours.
Rapidly changing face
Deng it became a hero
Artists Qin Wenqing photos quickly back to Beijing, then on the first draft in the face. Deng Ma Bing introduction, clear expression of thinking in a painting for a long time, “first of all, we think she should be a self-help image, so the eyes, must have strong feeling, but we also should be highlighted under the ruins of the panic, pain, she had expected some kind of. After finished, back from sichuan Qin Wenqing also made finishing touches to this face, finally presents the deng, face dirty, and there are scars.

the bamiyan Buddha grottoes and oil painting nearby, the restoration is oil painting expected to take ten years


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