Yesterday heard artists Yang Jianguo in recent years is drawing a picture of a 45 meters large painting

Yesterday heard artists Yang Jianguo in recent years is drawing a picture of a 45 meters large painting

Surprised in the heart, because the “45 meters” is the most of the world. Today, with a strong curiosity to visit Yang Jianguo its studio. Painting has fully put in a huge just 50 meters long, empty warehouse, far already. Then he tells oil painting the story from beginning to end for me work before and after the background, and even created a lot of details. Heart is deeply shocked and moved – that kind of picture, that kind of momentum, the grand! Can let a person’s real doubt eyes.
During the process of dialogue with him to understand that this work has lasted two and a half years, but in the 90 s had the idea of the work of creation and plan, and half an year can all put pen to paper. In the rest of the half a year, wedding portrait he plans to screen more deepen, sublimation, make it more profound, vivid. When asked about how artists in their own before the work mood, he said only hope to be able to find it more shortcomings and deficiencies, then make it in both the genre connotation, background, and the calligraphy capability, will tend to be more perfect.
The work in the 70 s funeral scene in sichuan area as the theme, based on the extended characters, the world is all living again, covers many family portrait of the era background, such as the educated youth to the countryside, rural of craftsmen, the cook, the landlords, soldiers, businessmen, gnome, women and children, and so on all sorts of different classes of characters. The painting to create fully custom portrait established in the artist himself early life experience, most of its prototype – ever spoke to, hear, circulating, even their loved ones.
Works on the basis of the traditional Chinese painting, the space is the traditional Chinese painting scroll forms, but deep and depicting with oil paintings. The genre is almost never involved. Create

initial did not make any draft, directly on the drawing board pen and a capability. Picture of the real, real content, created a really deep! The continuity of the screen, just like to watch an epic movie. And images with strong literature, like reading a literary classics. This work is to have but has slowly fade out of customs record today, is the witness of Chinese history, is the epitome of an era, with the attention to humanities, the attention to history

I think this is what should I do, it’s oil painting good.” “They will give you the corresponding compensation?” “No, don’t oil painting need to!


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