When it comes to oil painting,we can say countless painters

When it comes to oil painting,we can say countless painters

However, when we ask what makes them become a painter, what is the essence of the art of painting, we became vacant. What is art? The problem in the oil painting art world has always been a matter of debate, anyone guess. I think art is only meaningful in a certain range; Painting art is only meaningful in the specific historical conditions; Painting art is only to be meaningful in the people’s interest and attention.
My understanding of the painting is multifaceted, aesthetic interest and diversity and variability. In the specific historical, only in the interest and concern of people painting before deciding to everyone’s attitude toward a variety of offer oil painting creative methods and views. Different styles of painter of the same things have different understanding and views, such as modelling method, the expression means, creative thinking and ideas, etc., using different methods to obtain the different artistic effects. Classical or modern abstract paintings, pop art, through various means and methods supply oil painting to convey to the audience some information, the information symbol is ultimately expressed a meaning…
More than ten years, I have been committed to the exploration of painting art meaning and expression form, trying to seek the influence of Chinese and western oil painting and Chinese painting forms, the expressive force of the western buy oil painting with Chinese painting artistic conception, artistic beauty of Chinese audiences in different degree of pleasure or shock or reflection. Lotus as the traditional Chinese painting subjects, historically have thousands of letters


from different angles to show it. How about talking about subjects, old fu in new form? In the remaining series paintings, how the western oil painting language to express the traditional Chinese painting artistic conception? I thought, drawing on western modern art, “foreign serve China”, the “remaining” series of oil painting works that the face of the new change, do not fall convention…
A, lines and planes use
Chinese paintings usually thread to modelling of forms of expression. Adornment picture is modelling by line, in the modern oil painting performance modelling and modelling by line, the modelling of each have different ideas. At the same time, the line modelling requires different treatment methods, different usage.
In Ming • Zou Dezhong “HuiShi refers to receive” carrying “modern and ancient 18 MiaoFa”, etc. The meaning of this sentence is the line has 18 kinds of MiaoFa, such as ancient balance spring stroke, flowing, iron line tracing, such as nail head rat tail trace performance of ancient painting a line mode. In modern painting, the use of line is not much about wine, but speak line of visual sense, line sense of form, line sense of “personality” and change. Such as the thickness, size, length of line, acute slow change, the dynamics of change. Line is a combination of different form application, all kinds of painting, the structure of the performance to the requirement of line, rhythm, understanding and the performance of the method of the space, is different, but in the performance of line form is common. The performance of the “face” is the expansion of the “line”. “Line” and “face” of use, increase the visual perception of the painting, rich feeling, make the animation more administrative levels, interesting. I am in the process of exploration of the remaining, the skeleton line form below, as far as possible using the size of line and plane composition, contrast, and line density contrast, smooth flow active line and the line of thrust, create rich administrative levels. In this way, both efficiently absorbed elements of Chinese traditional painting line, and with western painting line in the form of organic combine, as far as possible the realization of Chinese and western elements coexist in the midline in the area of the painting and performance

problem facing China now all oil paining artists, art how to face the oil painting market


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