Shanghai oil painting art exhibition of 16 painter at Spanish bullfight countries

Shanghai oil painting art exhibition of 16 painter at Spanish bullfight countries

On November 20th, sponsored by the Shanghai foreign oil painting cultural exchange association “Shanghai oil painting exhibition”, in the famous Spanish valencia the opening, the museum of modern art exhibited 16 80 oil painting works of Shanghai painter, exhibition of Shanghai artists YuXiaoFu, Wang Jieyin, Chen Yiming, Huang Azhong, Song Kexi, such as the giant yan attended the opening ceremony. Exhibition organizers Shanghai Zheng Guyao intercultural association secretary-general said, by the Chinese custom oil painting themselves like this curator, in the scale of the main western museum of group exhibitions of Chinese contemporary artists, is the first time in Shanghai, it indicates the trend of Chinese culture and art to the world, will be in the run-up to the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo and usher in a new boom. Valencia in Spain at the museum of modern art (ivam) is the first museum of modern art in Spain, with rich and classic collection of modern custom portrait painting art and enjoys a high reputation in the west. Curator of the museum palace, rope, Carl sith card sarbanes-oxley, says ms valencia in Spain, the museum of modern art exhibition of Chinese art, opened to enhance understanding and cooperation between the two countries. This mutual cooperation should be development and dissemination of cultural institutions in the world of popular cultural strategy. She also points out that as one of the most active wholesale oil painting field in Chinese cultural landscape of contemporary art, now there is no doubt that the projection of the country is experiencing the most dynamic event, fortunately, these events are associated with a panoramic view of art in the age of global more and more.
The exhibition curator, said Yang jianzhong sixteen of the backbone of Chinese oil painting artists, intuitively show their creative connotation and mentality, with a very unique Chinese painting language and aesthetic interpretation of the art forms originated from Western Europe. , he points out, these artists not only inherited the tradition of western classical painting language, and use in the thoughts of the Oriental civilization baptism to interpretation of the fusion between

eastern and western civilizations will become a model, China’s artists to the courage of confidence in the painting picked up shelf, create belong to eastern civilization in the art world, around the world began to order reconstruction, make the easel painting is brilliant.
Yang jianzhong said, as the exhibition’s curator, he believes that Chinese artists into the western art exhibition hall for a large group of time has come

anyi’s political pop genre, is being brought to oil painting the attention of the overseas collectors and domestic collectors and bidding


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