2007 art new national exhibition focus on Chinese oil paintings

2007 art new national exhibition focus on Chinese oil paintings

By the central academy of fine arts, tsinghua university academy of fine arts, China (Beijing) culture creative industry expo organizing committee office teamed up to build “art, the national exhibition in China” on November 18, 2007 in Beijing oil painting tsinghua university academy of fine arts hall the grand opening of A. From all over the country more than 120 designs which officially open to the public. As Mr Exhibition organizing committee consultant JinShangYi puts it, the cultivation of the couple is YouHuaJie is an important task in China. How to let the young painter in the academic circles to find your custom oil painting way? How in the development of contemporary oil painting “new” unique sound? These are the “art, the national exhibition of China” have been thinking from the preparatory to implement and is committed to solve the problem.
Since its launch in January 2007, the organizing committee of the China, the national “art exhibition” successively in “art watch”, “fine custom portrait painting arts”, “including China culture” and so on well-known media released the filling function, facing the whole country public solicitation oil painting class work, hope can be found and the maximum digging “oil painting new talent.
“Guest artist exhibition” masters gathered
Due to the central beautiful courtyard, combining the tsinghua academy and Beijing wenbo, “art, the national exhibition of China” in the industry quickly gathered the special sentiment. Professor, chairman of the China artists association oil painting studio JinShangYi, the central academy of fine Ding Yilin, high male, professor of tsinghua university academy of DaiDaQuan, Wang Hongjian, Zheng Yi, XinDongWang, professor xu beihong art school in China Xu Weixin well-known artist produced in succession satisfied work, such as dozens of famous creation of “guest artist exhibition”



in heavy academic strength, neat array, cheer cheer on the exhibition of young artists. According to exhibition organizing committee secretary-general Ren Gongyan, from at the beginning of preparations, Mr JinShangYi exhibition organization put forward many Suggestions, “the organizing committee of experts construct and review committee for sure, it is Mr Jin skill checks, it not only ensures exhibition review of academic quality, also for selected young artists have set up the confidence.”
Included in the painter new players
In the exhibition site can see, although the participation of more than 120 works mostly new new, but these works “oil painting new” solid fundamental painting and strict academic positions. Participation of the vast majority of works are artists creation of new works in 2007.
“Art of China, the national art exhibition” organizing committee secretary Zhu Xiaojun revealed, the exhibition works are selected from national contribute thousands of pieces of works, “although many artists in this exhibition is very young, but Xia Libin, wang lei, He Liang, Cheng Xinyi etc are all active in recent years new elite in the industry.”
Learned, expert review committee composed of three organizers by secret ballot from check works have chosen the first, second and third prize.
Focus on selected works toward the art market
“Young artists groups is poly auction has been a focus of attention.” Beijing poly auction Xu Juan oil painting department said that from the “art of China” the project started, poly company continuously paying attention to the project, she dedicated to the “Chinese art” collection visited all the works to send mail.
, according to the organizing committee of the secretary-general Ren Gongyan exhibition location is strict academic exhibitions, but caused the art market in the preparation of the attention of several galleries, auction company, and also have some art institutions calls communication, in view of the “art of China, the national art exhibition” project to make a sustainable for the direction of the national exhibition, the organizing committee will consider and in the future market within the well-known institutions, academic and market simultaneously, “oil painting new” to a new level.
Wu Changjiang, vice President of the organizing committee of the exhibition, the Chinese artists association, executive said: “the hope that through this exhibition, can show the strength of the Chinese contemporary new paintings power, let the world know China’s young painter, resulting in the wider attention oil painting in China.

anyi’s political pop genre, is being brought to oil painting the attention of the overseas collectors and domestic collectors and bidding


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