Oil painting by listening to or on investment,Learning more worth studying

Oil painting by listening to or on investment,Learning more worth studying

“Everyone has the opportunity, everywhere is the trap, 90% of people are in the ‘to’ painting, rather than use their eyes to see, in this oil painting case, the auction company want to do is the representative figure of each period, each style of high-quality goods, for the market to choose from.” Guest professor of central academy of fine, Taiwan gallery association consultant Liu Jiemin looking at Chen’s “zhouzhuang in the custom oil painting morning, said after the auction. “Hear” value
Throughout paintings auction market in recent years, especially this year’s autumn, you will find the third and fourth generation painter become increasingly the focus of the market. Xia Junna clinch a deal valence higher works, many of them are created in the last few years. If, in the fall of Chinese Xia Junna 1995 “gold top” to set up custom portrait painting her work to clinch a deal record of $715000. Similar works in the five years ago, Xia Junna price is 6000 RMB. From 6000 yuan to 715000 yuan, “listening” is not alone, only “see”. Art investment by eyesight is indisputable fact that, but there is no denying the fact that most investors when choosing painting, mainly choose famous. Shanghai Oriental custom oil painting reproductions countries take painting art department director Ye Wen said, now the buyer is almost no see paintings and only see the painter title, only “hot money” so anxious to find export. But from the current major auction house type, can be found in the signature of wu guanzhong and Chen seems to be the only “leading role” of the auction house, if it were not for the painter, seems to have not hold up an auction.
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expert inside course of study thinks, at present in YouHuaJie seriously engaged in classical and realism painter, not too much, even if there are some people who study, imitate their painting of the realism, but also because too commercialized and lack of ideological and cultural value, this kind of art is impossible to have the rise space. This truth from red oil painting can also be seen in the direction of the market.
“Look” that “dark horse”
China held a series of historical themes in the late 1990′s paintings auction, red oil painting to clinch a deal is not too ideal. But now those in the auction, clinch a deal valence has doubled in the autumn. As a result of these works is a special subject, is impossible to innovation, therefore has a unique value. It also proves the importance of “look”.
In the early 1980 s, few people pay attention to the domestic artists painting, not to mention the young and middle-aged painter’s works. For decades, the prices of some talented Chinese painter has turned over many times or even dozens of times. Many hundreds of yuan only, thousands of yuan paintings, less in the auction today tens of thousands of yuan, many hundreds of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of millions of yuan, the price surge speed is breathtaking. Particularly impressive is that in recent years the representative works of contemporary Chinese painter also repeatedly record in oil painting at auction. This is a sign of domestic oil painting collection diversification, matured, the collection of Chinese oil painting in imperceptible in has stepped into a new stage of the pursuit of high-quality goods.
Art market is not the market, to catch the basket is food, it is a threshold, and “deep water”, a bit not note will “on water”. Chen’s works can make millions of yuan, but there are hundreds of thousands of yuan, if “listen” alone, even if bought the true picture, also has a lot of investment risk. If from an “listen” to a “look”, not only investment risk is greatly reduced, are more likely to find a “dark horse”

will think that this picture is so bad that oil painting be sells a lot of money, damage to the reputation of the author

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