Ladies,generation,central academy of fine arts oil painting exhibition by students

Ladies,generation,central academy of fine arts oil painting exhibition by students

“Ladies – oil painting exhibition” the China central academy students scheduled for October 1 at three o ‘clock in the afternoon in Beijing Oriental SuoFu than auction square (no. 519 south third ring road in Beijing minutes temple east room of the four layers). To participate in the exhibition of 12 artists are the China central custom oil painting¬†academy graduate and postgraduate, show a total of 111 pieces, both for their creation of outstanding works, each work in which they are implied in the creative process of art thinking and practice. The exhibition presents the generation after 80 purely for everybody and self’s painting world, they use their own unique painting language constantly explore our wholesale oil painting own path of painting, write with your own art history.
To participate in the exhibition after 80 artists are the new force, they are standing on the spire of Chinese oil painting dance group, always tireless in their own brushes and deftly conception dance out the most beautiful melody. As a graduate from college or graduating undergraduate and graduate students, they expect oil painting reproductions their elaborate work can show to the people, but they lack of money and power to lease space to hold the exhibitions of paintings of his own. Beijing Oriental SuoFu auction plaza co., LTD. Is this for the future big artists free provides a 2500 – square – meter exhibition hall to show their good work, everyone will have their own display space, says ms, custom portrait painting chairman of the cow, “they are very potential and strength of the new generation, the main character in the art world in the

future will be them, they should have got a chance to show their good writing and also there should be a collectors and art to investment bole to find them.

will think that this picture is so bad that oil painting be sells a lot of money, damage to the reputation of the author

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